Effective Feedback to Support Self-Regulated Learning

I was recently asked to consider the benefits of self-regulated learning in my teaching context, and to think about its implementation. One of the key benefits of SRL that I highlighted, was that it encourages mastery goal setting that focus on learning over performance. That is, it encourages students to develop awareness of their own … More Effective Feedback to Support Self-Regulated Learning

Goal-Setting and Self-Efficacy

In his article, Goal setting and self-efficacy during self-regulated learning, Dale Schunk breaks down the processes which consist of self-regulation, namely, self-observation, self-judgement and self-reaction. The profound effect that these processes have on students’ self-efficacy and motivation is critical to understanding the importance of self-regulated learning. Of particular interest to me, was the fact that self-evaluation of … More Goal-Setting and Self-Efficacy